Our Joke Documents ...


These are not just blank documents that you have to fill in by hand. Your details are printed in a special font on the document.

The fake document is emailed to you as a PDF which you can then print.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. But if your creative side is a currently a little blocked, we have plenty of suggestions.

These things are just for fun, don't even think about using them for anything evil.

Common Concerns

1. Can we be trusted with your credit card details?
You don't have to trust us, we never see your credit card details, because you will actually be paying PayPal.

PayPal is an humungous company with (they claim) 45 million accounts. They are owned by an outfit called eBay. You can probably trust them.

2. What will we do with your email address?
We may email you about our new products and services, but if you get one it will include an Opt-Out link, so you can block any further mail. We won't sell it to anyone else.

3. Is your document going to look like the real thing?
No! - it's a JOKE document. If you attempt to pass it off as a real document you will probably land in jail.
More Questions? View our FAQ.

Choose your Currency

We can show our prices in any of the following currencies.

Simply click on your currency ...
Don't worry if your currency is not here just pick the one you are most familiar with.
Need new Parents? Perhaps you prefer to be the love child of (say) Beyoncè and Snoop Dog. The possibilities are endless.

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Need more kudos from friends and co-workers? Perhaps if they knew you were previously married to one of the Kardashians.

You need a fake marriage certificate.
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If you've got the right sense of humour for this kind of thing ... then we've got the product for you.

NB Do not make out a joke death certificate for someone you know ... no matter how funny you think it may be! They almost certainly will NOT be amused.
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Like to have a degree but just can't find the time to do all that study? Did you know that people are given degrees just because they are famous?

It's time that we could all get a degree. Now you can!

In less than 5 minutes you could be printing your new degree.

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Real Fake Degrees
If you have a fake marriage certificate chances are, sometime down the track, you're going to need a a joke divorce certificate to go with it.

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Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Winsconsin, Miss Poultry Farmer 2016? Whatever you want to be!
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N.B. Our docs are NOT of any use for Fraud or Criminal deception.

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